This was a massive pain last year — I wandered northward, in the rain, for over an hour, trying in vain to find where the 277 returned to its route. In reality, I would’ve found it again had I walked south about two blocks:

GROVE ROAD / VICTORIA PARK E3 ROUTE 277: Buses are diverted between Roman Road and Mare Street from 1930 to 2300 Saturday 18, 2130 to midnight Saturday 25 and 2030 to 2330 Sunday 26 May and are expected to experience severe delays due to spectators for events in Victoria Park, Hackney.

Route 277 is diverted northbound toward Highbury via Grove Road, Roman Road, Cambridge Heath Road and Mare Street and southbound toward Leamouth via Lauriston Road, Victoria Park Road, Mare Street, Cambridge Heath Road, Roman Road and Grove Road.

Bus stops missed northbound - GE Old Ford Road, GF Victoria Park, P Victoria Park Road, Q Moulins Road, R Terrace Road, N Holcroft Road, LX Well Street / Shore Road.

Bus stops missed southbound - X Victoria Park Road, GA Victoria Park, GB Roman Road.

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Highlight diaries #1

I’ve been using the geolocation service Highlight for about 4 months now, mainly because it intrigues me.

The idea is it grabs your Likes and some basic profile data from Facebook to create a profile, which then shows up on the devices of people who have the app and walk within what seems about a 2-block radius. Likewise, you see their profile and can message, ping/poke (“high five”) or favourite (“highlight”) them.

Maybe it’s just London, but in the sum of the time I’ve used the service, a grand total of one person has actually messaged me. I’m thus going to try experimenting with the medium and posting my results here.

So far I’ve tried:

  • High-fiving anyone with 5 or more shared interests
  • High-fiving anyone who seems even remotely cool
  • Posting about London’s shitty weather
  • Posting about Daft Punk’s latest album
  • Posting about how I high-five anyone that’s cool

Any thoughts? Am I doing something wrong? Am I just that lame? Or is Highlight just — on a whole — a pretty big waste of time for meeting interesting people in my community?


Earlier at #nightanddayberlin, Spree park, Berlin. Disused rollercoaster. (at Spreepark Berlin / Kulturpark Plänterwald)

Earlier at #nightanddayberlin, Spree park, Berlin. Disused rollercoaster. (at Spreepark Berlin / Kulturpark Plänterwald)

The xx at Spreepark, Berlin. #nightanddayberlin #isalonghashtag #nofilter (at Spreepark Berlin / Kulturpark Plänterwald)

The xx at Spreepark, Berlin. #nightanddayberlin #isalonghashtag #nofilter (at Spreepark Berlin / Kulturpark Plänterwald)


Roasting Journal: Costa Rican at Preset 2 Pt. 2

Today I once again tried roasting some Costa Rican beans at Preset 2. My last batch was really decent, but it was a little bit light, even by my standards. I was thinking about going from 4:45 to maybe 4:00, but I kinda got carried away taking photos and roasted to 2:45.

Really though, I think they needed it; while darker than yesterday, they’re still pretty brown. I’d say it’s between a medium and a dark roast, leaning more towards “medium” than “dark.” That said, I won’t really know until I sample it sometime tomorrow.

I think after this batch I’m going to wait until I’m entirely out of coffee before roasting anymore so I can sample it the same day I roast it. Next I’ll do two batches of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans, one lighter and one darker; stay tuned for photos later today.


Roasting Journal: Costa Rican at Preset 2

In order to better keep track of my exploits in roasting coffee beans, I’m going to start posting my settings and experiences to Tumblr.

I’m using the i-Roast2, and this is probably the fifth or sixth batch of beans I’ve roasted with it. Up until now, I’ve used Preset I, which is a straight “10 minutes at 450ºF, 4 minute cool” process. The first time I roasted beans, I did the entire ten minutes, which set off the smoke detectors and resulted in an extremely dark roast. I don’t particularly like dark roast coffee; I generally drink my coffee black and burned beans (such as are often used at Tim Horton’s or Starbucks) make the coffee taste really bitter. A medium roast is not only easier to drink black, but it also contains more caffeine — something to think about next time somebody brags how dark their roast is. At any rate, I generally now manually put my roaster into cool mode with 4:00 to 4:30 remaining in Preset I.

According to my roaster’s manufacturer, Preset II is more graduated, starting at 455ºF for 6 minutes, then moving to 400ºF for 4 minutes, then back to 435ºF for the last 1:30. While lasting 1:30 longer than Preset I, Preset II ultimately gives more lenience to medium and light roasters due to its longer and lower-temp second stage, while giving dark roasters the ability to burn the crap out of their beans with the extra-hot third stage. I decided to give it a whirl today, running some Costa Rican beans through and initializing cooling with 4:45 remaining on the clock (6:45 total roasting time).

While I still managed to set off my smoke detector (even with the roaster running under my stove’s fume hood and the kitchen window open), I don’t think there was as much smoke when I roasted the same beans for ~7:30 on preset I. I’ll probably sample them later today and post the results.

I’ve also been trying to figure out how to set specific roast times — if I only want to roast 6 minutes, I shouldn’t have to manually push “cool”. That said, every time I try to set my own time, it puts like 30 seconds on the clock; something to investigate.

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"It had been an interesting experience, from which I developed a much greater practical knowledge than I had ever had before of those who had drawn a short straw from the system; of the realities of street level American race relations; of the pathology of incorrigible criminals; and of the wasted opportunities for the reintegration of many of these people into society. I saw at close range the failure of the U.S. War on Drugs, with absurd sentences, (including 20 years for marijuana offences, although 42% of Americans have used marijuana and it is the greatest cash crop in California.) A trillion dollars have been spent, a million easily replaceable small fry are in prison, and the targeted substances are more available and of better quality than ever, while producing countries such as Colombia and Mexico are in a state of civil war.

I had seen at close range the injustice of sentences one hundred times more severe for crack cocaine than for powder cocaine, a straight act of discrimination against African-Americans, that even the first black president and attorney general have only ameliorated with tepid support for a measure, still being debated, to reduce the disparity of sentence from 100 to one to 18 to one.”


Jquery-based Tabbed Slideshow Module for Joomla Estate Agency (com_jea)

Readme and Release Notes for 0.1alpha:

(c) 2010 Ændrew Rininsland —
Builds on work by (c) 2008 Philip…


I want one.


Interesting article on direct-to-home TV marketing and its socioeconomic impacts.